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Enhanced Directories + Personalised Recommendations
The Perfect Mobile Companions for Affluent Shoppers

Since 2012, we have been running the most popular luxury directory apps in popular shopping locations in Asia.
Our Generation II apps, newly launched in 2014, feature even more powerful features including product recommendations and shopper rewards programs.
We can now understand better than any other company, the personalized needs, habits and preferences of luxury shoppers, in the final stage of their purchase process.

Our Products for shoppers

  • Luxury Locator: Singapore

    Gen 2 iOS app launched Jan 2014.
    Android app launching April 2014.
  • Luxury Locator: China

    Gen 2 iOS app launched Feb 2014.
    Android app launching April 2014.
  • Luxury Locator: Hong Kong

    Gen 2 iOS app launched Jan 2014.
    Android app launching April 2014.
  • Luxury Locator: Macau

    Gen 2 iOS and Android apps launching soon.
  • WeChat Service Account

    Our innovative and hugely popular voice-activated mobile shopping concierge. Launched Dec 2013.
  • Luxury Locator: ?

    We are expanding into 3 other markets in 2014. Watch this space.

Our users are the most sought-after shoppers in the world

We already serve more than 50,000 active shoppers from China,
who use our apps as their trusted guides,during their global shopping trips.

And we are only just getting started.

How you can boost your retail sales

Use our innovative WhiteWave Retail Boosters Platform to attract these much sought-after shoppers into your store.

Showcase your in-store products to attract shoppers

Your most attractive products / offers appear directly on our apps, seen by shoppers looking for product recommendations.

Run retail marketing campaigns, targeting shoppers by relevant criteria

Shoppers see only offers targeted to their unique preferences. This ensures maximum purchase-driving effectiveness.

Manage and update your store contact details

Ensure your store details are always updated so shoppers can find you!

Increase the return on your marketing dollar

Through us, you market directly to shoppers already in the shopping stage, giving you unparalleled ROI on your marketing investment.

We are already working with the following clients

WhiteWave Media Group has been providing innovative marketing solutions for luxury brands and retailers since 2006.

Now with WhiteWave Retail Boosters,
we are building a complete mobile platform to help boost luxury retail sales, while protecting the exclusivity of your brand.

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